Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Many happy returns!

So I am officially back from Europe! :) I have tons of pictures but due to the desired anonymity of this blog... I won't be posting them. Sorry! I leave again this Friday for 2 weeks on the West Coast. Can't wait!

In the meantime, I'm actually going to blog! This is somewhat school related, but not really.

OK. now before you go thinking that I am a complete lunatic, don't bother. I already know I am. So I am practically counting the days til the Breaking Dawn premiere... I will be at Barnes and Noble to get my book at midnight, don't you worry! I re-read Twilight and New Moon while overseas, and have now re-started Eclipse so that I am ready to go on August 2nd. I successfully converted one of my friends while on the trip, too. I let her borrow Twilight and she texted me yesterday that she was going out to buy the next one and had already watched the trailer for Twilight, which comes out December 12th. I too will be there.. probably at midnight if I have nothing better to do that evening!

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's not surprising. It has run like wildfire through my school, mainly because the books are geared towards teen readers (like Harry Potter) but is definitely not just for teenagers! It started off as a recommendation in the 7th grade by our Language Arts/Reading teachers, and turned into an all out elbow-throwing, eye-gouging fight at the school library to check out any copy, or pouncing on the one set N.L. had to go around. I finished the first book in like 10 hours (TAKS field testing that day, LOL) and pounced on the other two as quickly as I could! Up until then, I hadn't even heard of Stephenie Meyer or the entire Twilight series, and the first was published in 2005 with each sequel coming a year later. That being said, everyone has a certain picture of what characters look like based on the writing... and the casting of the movie and my views of the characters are way off in some places... and it's kind of annoying!

The only person I think they got spot on is Bella, played by Kristen Stewart. I'm starting to get on board with who they cast as Edward, but only because of what I've seen in the trailers.

As for the rest of the Cullens, the only person I really agree with on casting is Alice. Esme is pretty close, but in my opinion the casting of all the males is awful. Granted this is just by looking at photos, and their chemistry in the movie could be completely different, but it kind of ticks me off! I ran across a casting list that would have been amazing (sans the choice for Bella) if it had been implemented, but alas, much more goes into casting than just wishing for it to be! Oh well!

If I've scared you off with my ranting, sorry. LOL. If not.. go buy the book! I don't really recommend it for guys, but it is definitely a book for any girl/woman ages 12 and up! OK, stepping off my soapbox and going to go take a shower!

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