Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Candidates: From an Educational Standpoint

Now I am not one who normally strikes up a conversation about politics because I live in Texas and my views on things definitely place me in the minority and I often find myself criticized and having to justify my beliefs... I don't like to knowingly put myself in that situation. I shouldn't have to justify my opinions and beliefs to someone else. They are MY opinions, not yours.

Being in education has brought me a welcome reprise from the intense conservative nature of the last 8 years of my life (i.e. private school/university, Dubya, my entire family) but with the election this year, it has brought out the instinctive need to question and debate the positions of the two candidates. I was introduced to an article from the NEA by a friend and thought it gave interesting insight to what the upcoming 4 years of education might be like with either candidate.

But with the economy the way it is, I see education getting the short straw again and being put on the back burner while the banks, lenders, and corporations are dealt with to try to stabilize the country and world. I completely understand the need to do this and agree that the economy needs to be issue #1, but I can't help but wonder how long we will have to go on auto-pilot.

That being said, the recent death of my grandfather has left my aunt as the sole proprietor of his business it has made me wonder if God is calling me to step up and return to the company. I used to work for him during the summers, but when I left for college and returned with a career I dismissed my involvement. My grandpa started this company in 1972 and it has been extremely successful since then, with the help of his business partners and the added help of his oldest daughter who is now the only owner. I love my job as a teacher and really can't see myself doing anything else, but the system worries me. It's all politics. There is little value in the words and suggestions of the teachers and administrators; it's all about funding and test scores. Teaching is a field that requires a lot of passion in order to continue to come back year after year, knowing that your voice won't be heard, your work will go unnoticed and more and more is being asked of you. It's a tough position to be in.

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Joel said...

I would challenge you that any profession has some of these concerns involved. I love the idea of running a business. I also love the idea of doing something I totally love. Sometimes those two mesh, sometimes they don't.

I'm sure you'll make a wise decision with the possible career change, and the upcoming election.

Hopefully you realize that far more is at stake with this election that simply education. It is a choice between two completely disparate worldviews!