Monday, October 27, 2008

Working myself... death? Haha no, but it appears that way sometimes. During 6th period on Friday my body thought it would be a good time to go completely haywire. My kiddos were taking a test and I was sitting at my desk putting grades in my gradebook when I started having heart palpatations, got really dizzy and had "tunnel vision"... knowing something was wrong I flagged down a teacher outside of her room to watch my kids and made it to the secretary's office before passing out in the middle of the hall. Sweet. The nurse thought it was blood sugar related, but my glucose levels were all in the normal range. So at the advice of my aunt (an MD) I made an appointment with my doctor today. She took some (ok, a lot of) blood to run tests and is recommending an MRI if the bloodwork doesn't tell us anything. I've already missed one day to the stomach flu, two days to my grandfather's death and now half a day for this appointment. If I have to go back in for test results AND an MRI, I'm going to be hitting cold/flu season at school with only 10 sick days. Now that may seem like plenty, but let me tell you... 2 years ago I was nearly hospitalized with the flu that had me out of school for almost 3 weeks. Up until the only time I had ever been sick was with pneumonia when I was 8. No strep, no flu, NOTHING! So I figured I didn't need a flu shot. Heh. I've been first in line the last two years now to get mine. Won't be doing that again!!!!

This is a shoutout to all teachers who work, rain, shine, cold or flu. If you keep working, I'll keep working! ;)

In other news, we started a mock school poll this week for our 6th graders. They voted today on their ballots, will learn about the issues (with no names attached to who approves/disapproves) then will vote again based on their position on the issues. Should be interesting to see how the first vote (i.e their parents opinions) compare to the second vote. Our team (the White Team, relax it's a patriotic theme, one red, one white, one blue) went out as a group to vote. We got the workers to get a picture of all of us at the voting booths as well as outside by the signs so we can blow it up and hang it in the hall to show our students that we all went and voted. We all wore white too... we are such dorks. :)

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